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  • Chris Ortolano

    Chris Ortolano

    Building bridges from #sales to #customersuccess | Understand requirements to meet desired outcomes | Sales Productivity Partner @Tenbound

  • Roger K. Beaty

    Roger K. Beaty

    Content Strategist. Digital Curator. Optimist — I search for the Future of Health & Tech.

  • Bill Hinderman

    Bill Hinderman

    International Speaker. Founder of Shortwave. Author of Building Responsive Data Visualization for the Web. Web and Experimentation Manager at Vivid Seats.

  • Arthur Jen

    Arthur Jen

    cto @magic_labs @fortmatic | ex-@yelp @UWaterloo

  • Erin Stratos

    Erin Stratos

    Product Designer. Event Organizer. RPG Nerd. Lover of coffee, cats, oxford commas. Mostly harmless. She/her.

  • Lisa Gallagher

    Lisa Gallagher

    Writer with a personal interest in Mental Health & Wellness. Writing with a mission: End the labels. Photography is my hobby, life is my passion.

  • Joseph George Variam

    Joseph George Variam

    Software Dude, Djembe Drummer

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