Give Me 30 Minutes, and I Will Kill Your Entrepreneurial Dream

Buy my book: A Practical Way to Get Rich … and Die Trying


Entrepreneurship, especially in tech, is one of the most toxic environments that exists today. There is no industry producing more billionaires and billion-dollar returns. It’s the only place that some kid with a good idea can go on to change the fabric of the connected world in a matter of years and become incomprehensibly wealthy. What no one wants to talk about is the price us entrepreneurs pay in the pursuit.

Dream Killer

So what do I do when I meet a young entrepreneur? I exhaust all of my available energy dishing out the real facts on just how brutal and taxing the journey can be. The pitfalls. The pain. The realities that the media doesn’t talk about. The crazy game of poker, with the highest odds, that is entrepreneurship.


I’ve recently published a book about my entrepreneurial journey (here). Unlike other business memoirs, this one is raw, dark, hyper-honest and pulls the blindfold off of a number of topics that we aren’t really supposed to address.

Six companies, two exits. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, venture investor, traveler, photographer, activist. Book coming soon:

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