Rams Head Coach Sean McVay gives an update on the 2020 NFL Draft amidst the coronavirus pandemic

McVay said on “The John Roa Show” that he might have some of the Rams’ front office members at his house during the draft rather than working from the team’s facilities.

“We’ve had some calls with the league, and as of right now, what we do know is we are going to have a draft. Exactly what the circumstances are — №1, you’re going to follow the protocol by our government and try to do everything we can to try to make sure [we’re] part of the solution,” McVay said. “It might be virtual, it might be a limitation on the amount of people you can have at your facility and you might even see — shoot, we might be doing it out of this damn house. We’ve got some availability and some setups, might have a couple of our other people in the front office come over to the house and we’ll be selecting players from here. We’re kind of honestly navigating through where that will take place and exactly what it looks like over the next couple of weeks.”

“It’s one thing to continue to study these guys, but usually this time is when you’re going on the pro day circuits, you’re able to get that up-close-and-personal interaction,” he said. “Now those calls are FaceTime calls where you’re interviewing players and you don’t have the ability to bring them into your building. Even with free agency, there’s been some delays in being able to sign your guys because you can’t bring them in to pass the physical, to sign the contract. It’s unprecedented, but it certainly gives you a perspective on — you feel blessed, but we’re playing a football game and there’s a lot bigger issues at stake and I think we’re doing our best to adjust and be part of the solution.”

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